Princeology amazing story

He has had a long career like becoming best DJ.

Tej Singh, fondly known as princeology and was earlier known as DJ Prince, was born in the capital New Delhi, India. Tej Singh got his name ‘Prince’ from his mother who believed her ‘little prince’ was destined to do great things in his life. Hence, Tej Singh begun to address himself with the latter name and more people call him that today. Prince firmly believes that a person’s taste in music can give a close insight about them.

Princeology developed a strange inclination towards music from a very young age, which continued to grow with time. His love for music made him more passionate about music and helped him gain clarity about his ultimate goal in life to become a disc jockey. They say that nothing come handy in life, which applies very well on the struggle that Prince witnessed to achieve what he aspired. This happy soul charms his audience with his witty taste in music and gives them an adrenaline rush to hit the dance floor. Six long years in this field have taught him a lot about the different arenas of life and has made him become accepting of them with an open heart and mind.

He is versatile and plays house music, starting from deep and tech house to funky and progressive and also plays trap & future house. With masterful sets comprising of deep and tech house, has rocked some truly legendry parties, it is a relative act where his sets are full of his own remixes and re-edits that he tailors specifically to take his audience on a personal and unique journey. His mashup and mixes are categorizes, as some of the finest around and his dj techniques and style is highly rate among fellow dj’s.